5 Best Easy to Grow Marijuana Seeds

The step from going to a dispensary to starting to grow your own cannabis is a big and important step, with plenty of things that need tying in for the whole thing to work out. Above all, you need to know the legal circumstances that might prevent you – or allow you – to start growing your own weed. If you want to grow cannabis indoors, you need to find the right gear, and be prepared to invest some money in it. If you want to grow outdoors, finding a good location will be your major concern. And last, but not least, you need to choose the right strain of marijuana for your first grow. The important thing to keep in mind that the first strain you’re going to grow and the strain you like to use the most do not necessarily have to be the same strain. The simple reason behind this is that taste, THC count, and the quality of effects don’t have anything to do with how easy it is to grow a plant from seed to flower. Some plants can be real divas and require an ungodly amount of attention, and if you’re not ready to provide it, you’d be better served with choosing a different strain that’s easier to handle. Not that the easy-to-grow strains are bad in any way, in fact, the strains you’ll find here are all high quality, low maintenance strains. So let’s dive into it.
  1. Northern Lights

You could try to find a self-respecting pothead who hasn’t heard of, or tried, Northern Lights, and you’d end up with a simple conclusion – everybody knows about Northern Lights. The thing with this strain is that it has genetic traits of Afghani Indica, a landrace that’s legendary for its hardiness. It will spring back from rookie mistakes easily, it will not grow tall like mad, and it will not produce a lot of smell. With the yield being more than just decent, and a short flowering period, it has absolutely everything going for it. If you want to buy high quality Northern Lights seeds, it would be best to either get them from one of the established companies from the Netherlands, or a seed shop that distributes their seeds.
  1. AK 48

Another cannabis strain with Afghani heritage, AK 48 is very versatile when it comes to growing conditions. If you want to buy seeds from a single strain to try growing them both indoors and outdoors, and on soil and hydro, AK 48 is the strain for you. The two best features of AK 48 are its strong and resistant roots and the ability to take topping very well. However, it does come with a drawback, as it doesn’t fair particularly well in higher temperatures. So, keep the plants cool, and they’ll return the favor. As Northern Lights, AK 48 is a strain which is best bought from the Netherlands.
  1. Skunk #1

For a grower who wants an easy strain to grow but would still like a little bit of challenge, Skunk #1 is a match made in heaven. The high is great, the yields are plentiful, and everything’s perfect except one thing. Skunk smells, and it smells really strong, hence the name. But if you can find a way to manage the smell, and there are easy ways to do it, you’ll be in for a treat – a very potent strain that will not give you a single trouble while you’re growing it, and it will finish very fast. You might start seeing a pattern here, but Skunk #1 is also best bought from a Netherlands-based source.
  1. Afghani

The original tough strain, Afghani is still unsurpassed in its ability to grow in spite of any mistake a novice or neglectful grower can make. The funny thing with Afghani is that the way you can mess this plant up is to actually give it too much attention and overfeed it. Other than that, you can almost leave it on its own and expect to see a fully-fledged cannabis plant in a couple of months. Well, almost, but you get the point – it’s an easy plant to grow. So, have you looked into seed producers from the Netherlands yet? Because you should.
  1. Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica is a mix of two other strains on this list, Afghani and the Northern Lights. With that kind of genetic makeup, you know what you should expect to get. A very easy plant to grow, Aurora Indica is resistant to common ailments, it finishes fast and produced a heavy yield. It will also knock you on your behind once you  grow it and find some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Yup, you’ve got it right – best bought from a source from the Netherlands. So, for a short recap – the easiest cannabis strains to grow are either Indicas, or Indica-dominant hybrids, as they don’t grow that tall and are thus more easily managed. The most resistant plants will usually have Afghani somewhere in their genealogy. So, if you want a Sativa high from your first grow, you’ll need to look for an easy Sativa-dominant hybrid, but it’s likely it will still have some kinks of its own that will give you trouble.

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