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Never thought I'll become an enthusiastic smoker and an active promoter of the legalization "movement". I write for Private Seeds, sometimes on BuzzFeed and never for New York Times. I like traveling and I especially like to be where cannabis is legal. Soccer and especially Netherlands national team is my passion.

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Top Tips to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Cannabis Products

As the trend of cannabis legalization continues to sweep across the USA, a new wave of disruptive products is hitting the market, and they mean business! According to Grand View Research, the global legal marijuana market was valued at $USD 17.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $73.6...
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CBD Oil Benefits: Myths and Reality

There’s a question that begs to be asked about CBD oil – is it the snake oil of our time, the proposed cure-all, no-side-effects, elixir of life that was there waiting for us to discover it so we can live forever disease free, but in reality nothing more than a...
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5 Best Easy to Grow Marijuana Seeds

The step from going to a dispensary to starting to grow your own cannabis is a big and important step, with plenty of things that need tying in for the whole thing to work out. Above all, you need to know the legal circumstances that might prevent you – or...
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Getting the Right Dose of Medical Cannabis

If you are a patient used to dealing with medical cannabis, then you are probably well aware of the importance of finding the right dosage to provide you with relief. Too little and you’re left suffering. Too much and you over do it and your tolerance builds faster. However, if...
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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in USA

Buying cannabis seeds online in the United States is same as buying anything over the internet, apart from one small thing – it can land you in jail. Yes, while some states have legalized cannabis completely, and some have legalized it for medical use only, there are still a number...
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