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Hybrids are a great way to combine some of the best plants on the market in order to produce a super bud. While Bianca has yet to win any Cannabis Cups, it is sold worldwide and available on menus in Amsterdam cafes. A blend of White Widow, Afghani, and the powerful White Queen genes make this plant a very versatile and strong bud. Seeds are able to grow in cold or hot weathers and produce buds with a THC level of 15% to 20%. While it has a combination of indica and sativa characteristics, it is mostly a sativa experience. Getting your hands on these bad boys will be an easy grow with great benefits.

Strain Description & Information

While this plant grows to only a medium high, whether grown indoor or outdoor, it still produces a sufficient amount of marijuana bud. Most growers compare their yield from the Bianca plant as being equal to those of larger cannabis plants. This is a great way to conserve available space and resources, allowing growers to utilize their money more efficiently. Bianca marijuana plants resembles a Bonsai bush filled with round and fat buds. THC white crystals cover these buds in a thick white layer and shimmer in the light, showing growers and smokers the abundant supply of THC. If you’re looking to keep to height of your plants low, while producing large quantities of buds, Bianca is a great seed for you.

Reviews & User Highlights

The taste of the Bianca smoke is mostly floral, with a hint of hashish. The smell is powerful and intense, filling the room with an intoxicating sweet fragrant. The overall experience is often described as uplifting and positive, allowing smokers to feel creative and easygoing. The level of experience is high, with a strong after-blow. The aroma filling the room, mixed with the powerful and stimulating buzz make Bianca a very soothing and reviving plant. Get ready for one of the most powerful buds you have ever experienced.

Grow Guide and Tips

This is a marvelous plant for beginners as the plant is very easy going and can withstand harsh conditions. It’s Afghan genes allow it to grow in almost any condition, enduring both extremely cold or hot weather. The Bianca plant can be grown indoor or outdoor, making it one of the most versatile marijuana plants available today. Harvesting should take place 7 weeks after the seeds have been planted, and if grown outdoors, September or October are the ideal collecting months depending on weather and acclimatization. No special care is needed, therefore keeping up with demands are very easy.

How to buy Bianca seeds online

Buying Bianca seeds online will have you planting your seeds as soon as possible. Shipping is fast and convenient, therefore chose your seeds today to begin your growing journey. You can also try out different strains, find your perfect match, and order more at a later date. Don’t hesitate, order today! [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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Bianca Strain Pics

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Bianca Characteristics

  • Grow Location: Indoor or Outdoor
  • Flowers in: 50 to 75 days
  • Height: 3 to 7 feet
  • Yields: 500 to 600 grams
  • Genetics: White Widow x Afghani x White Queen