Cannabis Infused Topicals For Pain, Dryness and Tension Relief

As medical marijuana use begins to go mainstream, we’re starting to see numerous different application methods used to treat various conditions.  Infusing, which is the process of extracting the beneficial elements of cannabis from the plant and putting it to use in other forms of consumption has led to the widespread adoption of topical applications. Gone is the notion that to benefit from medical marijuana, one has to deal with the fact that they’ll be high for a period of time.  Topical application in the form of cremes, oils, balms and lotions never reach the bloodstream, thus they are non-psychoactive, meaning no highs to deal with, allowing you to benefit from the pain and inflammation relief and still be productive in your daily activities. Topicals get absorbed via application to the skin on localized areas, where relief from inflammation, pain, soreness and dry skin is desired.  These products are the best choices for patients who want the many healing pros of cannabis without the negatives in terms of euphoric effects and perceptions about marijuana use from their friends or family members.  Topical application really is changing hearts and minds through the beneficial, non-high inducing therapeutic healing provided by these products. Topical oils, sprays and lotions do their job by reaching and activating your body’s network of CB2 receptors, with either natural occurring endocannabinoids, or the cannabis compounds of phytocannabinoids, the THC and CBD.  So regardless of whether the topical you choose has active THC, again because it’s not reaching the bloodstream, you will not experience any euphoric effects, letting you go about your day’s activities without worry. We talked with the expert staff Essence Cannabis Dispensary of Las Vegas that is fluent in the benefits and application scenarios of the many topical products offering medical marijuana cardholder patients a variety of high quality cannabis topical treatments, which when applied according to recommended dosage, can provide relief from many of those annoying, painful or itchy symptoms we all deal with at some point. For everyday use, to invigorate your skin and hydrate to the extreme, if you suffer from dry skin here in the desert climate of Las Vegas, the Apothecanna Everyday Creme is a great solution.  This is a rich and luxurious body creme that can be used daily.  With a refreshing scent boosted with mandarin, cedar and geranium, its light refreshing aroma provides a clean positive mood while the creme works to hydrate, alleviate chronic dryness and relieve tension.  If you want intense moisture, this is the creme to use. In addition to cannabis topical products, best selection of premium strain medical marijuana and infused products, including delicious and creative edibles such as macaroons, peanut butter cups and cookies Essence is 100% legal, certified, safe and confidential.

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