How Does A Medical Vaporizer Work?

Today, an increasing number of people are realizing the many benefits of medical marijuana. Vaporizers are gaining currency as a safer, cleaner alternative to smoking so how does a medical vaporizer work? We will look here at answering that question and will also look at what vaporizers do and why so many people are making the switch to these devices. Medical Marijuana

What Does a Vaporizer Do?

If you want to know how a vaporizer works, it pays to know what they actually do. In essence, vaporizing is a smokeless system that does not cause the tobacco or medical marijuana to combust but simply heats up the material. When the essential oils which contain the active ingredients boil, a vapor is produced. If you inhale this vapor, you can reap the same effects while sidestepping 95% of the smoke and carcinogens. The inbuilt bonus is that you ingest the psychoactive cannabinoids without the harmful by-products inherent in smoking marijuana. If you are using marijuana for any medical purposes, the last thing you want is to inflict damage on your body in other ways. Give your lungs a break and invest in a vaporizer.

Types of Vaporizer and Different Forms of Marijuana

There are three major types of vaporizer:
  • Pen
  • Portable
  • Desktop
The pen and portable varieties are small and stealthy. They are battery powered and normally come with USB-enabled charging. Desktop vaporizers are much more expensive but built to last. They are plugged devices which pack a real punch and should be considered a worthwhile investment. With medical marijuana, there are three basic forms in which it can be consumed:
  • Oil Concentrate
  • Wax Concentrate
  • Dry Herb
Oil is similar to the e-liquid in e-cigarettes. oil Instead of a nicotine base, you can use an oil laced with either THC or CBD depending upon your taste. Pen vapes are the best option for consuming your medical marijuana in oil form. Some portable units also work well with oil but check this out carefully before you buy. Wax – frequently called dabs because you only need to use a tiny amount – has surged in popularity. Dabs are championed by many hip-hop artists like Wiz Khalifa. Although wax is not cheap, you can use the least expensive vaporizers as they work perfectly with marijuana in this form. wax Most users of medical marijuana prefer dry herb since it’s much easier to get hold of and offers the most authentic taste and experience. If you fall into this category, opt for a portable or desktop vaporizer. So, having checked out the different options, how does a medical vaporizer work?  

The Mechanics of a Vaporizer

  There are two basic methods in which vaporizers can extract the psychoactive ingredients.
  • Conduction: Your material is heated by coming into contact with something pre-heated
  • Convection: Hot air blows over your herb in order to heat it up
Conduction is the original approach which has been in use since vaporizers were first developed. Although it’s a functional approach, conduction comes with a serious flaw… medical cannabis The very purpose of a vaporizer is to transmit the active ingredients without combustion. Sometimes, overheating can occur with the conduction type of vaporizer which makes it less than ideal and defeats the object of vaporizing. Convection units, by contrast, are highly reliable. Heated air leads to a far more even vaporization. The downside is that this technology comes at a cost so decide what is most important to you. The process of vaporizing is simple. All devices vary in terms of design but the principle is the same. You pop your medical marijuana into the device and allow it to heat up. You inhale the vapor produced through a tube and that’s it!


Now that you know the basic science behind vaporizers and are perhaps tempted to buy one… Take your time. Do plenty of research on the different models available. Think carefully about what type of medical marijuana you prefer to use. Consider your budget. Impartial reviews are a great way to find out the pros and cons of any given product. Spend some time looking through these. We all know that smoking is not good for you. While not 100% safe, vaporizing eliminates the vast bulk of associated problems so why not switch to a medical marijuana vaporizer?

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