Many said they would like to be navy SEALS themselves now

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cheap moncler sale No one competed to moncler sale outlet be the first out. They loved each other, coach Ekkapol said.The boys also revealed details of how they survived their ordeal, trying to dig moncler outlet sale their way out and licking water from the walls.They finally woke up in their own homes for the first time in more than three weeks this morning, with many rising at dawn to take part in a religious ceremony at Mae Sai Wat Pha That Doi Wao temple an moncler sale ancient temple with scenic views of the surrounding countryside.Reporters were not allowed close to the boys and their families at the temple to give them privacy.In an extraordinary press conference last night, after their release from hospital, the young soccer team all spoke in a government hall, laughing and joking as they recalled the lighter moments of their miraculous survival and rescue.Wearing their full soccer kit, the 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their coach, waved and were flanked by the four Thai Navy SEALs who stayed inside the flooded cave with them for nine days and by the medical staff who have cared for them in hospital since their rescue 10 days ago.The love and respect and comraderie between moncler outlet uk the Navy SEALs and the boys was tangible, especially as the boys delivered an emotional cheap moncler tribute to a fifth SEAL who died during the rescue operation. Many said they would like to be navy SEALS themselves now.The boys arrived at the press conference sporting fresh haircuts and looking happy and healthy, despite their horrific ordeal.. cheap moncler sale

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