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Bonita is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain which traces its lineage back to Brazilian and Thai strains. The Brazilian in it makes it a very good choice for outdoor growing, because Bonita loves to stretch out if given the chance, but it can also be a more than formidable producer in indoors condition. Overall, Bonita is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a fresh and tasty smoke and an awesome Sativa high. However, growing Bonita isn’t something people without any experience with growing cannabis should do, as this gorgeous plant has its kinks.

Strain Description & Information

If given the chance, and plenty of sunlight, Bonita can grow into a really huge plant, almost 9 feet tall. This tall beauty will look amazing, with long, slender, Sativa-type leaves in different shades of green, and a decent amount of branching. Bonita produces thick clusters of buds in light green, with fine orange hairs and covered with the frost that speaks loads about the potency of the strain. Indoors, Bonita will produce plenty of branches which will give it abushier look, but the sweet buds will look, taste and effect users the same as if grown outdoors.

Review & User Highlights

This fast-flowering, Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has an earthy taste, with a very distinct and noticeable lemony undertone, which is why it’s commonly described by connoisseurs as having a “fresh lemon” taste. The high you get from Bonita is a true Sativa high – very cerebral and uplifting, with only a hint of the stoned body buzz typical for Indicas. Bonita is a great cannabis strain to be used during the day because it won’t couch-lock you or make you feel lazy, and it can be effectively used to fight away bouts of depression because Bonita can help chase those nasty clouds away.

Grow Guide and Tips

Growing Bonita sounds like a very appealing idea – it flowers fast like an Indica, it is a high-yielding plant, and the final product tastes awesome, and it makes you feel awesome as well. Still, people who don’t have previous knowledge about growing marijuana plants should maybe choose another strain to cut their teeth on, because Bonita isn’t the least demanding sort out there. It’s not the most demanding either, but it doesn’t forgive any mistakes an inexperienced grower might make. It needs plenty of light to grow, it might need shearing to ensure proper light penetration indoors, and it isn’t one of the particularly mold and pest resistant strain, even though it doesn’t have any predisposed weaknesses to either.

How to buy Bonita seeds online

Finding Bonita seeds to buy online shouldn’t be that difficult to do, as many online grow shops, seed banks and marijuana companies offer it readily. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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  • Grow Location: Outdoors / Indoors
  • Flowers in: 7 to 9 weeks / September
  • Height: Tall / Medium
  • Yields: 500 gr