Californian Skunk Seeds

Californian Skunk is a cannabis strain that was developed in Europe using Californian orange strains and a skunky Indica plant to get the best out of both worlds. This hybrid marijuana strain is full of surprises: it’s very short but it’s also a generous producer, it looks like an Indica but gives a Sativa high which is very pleasurable even though the THC levels in the plant are medium at most. The best part is that it’s fairly easy to grow, which all adds up to a plant that’s great for inexperienced users and growers as well as people looking for a strain to be grown on commercial scale.

Strain Description & Information

Californian Skunk is among the shorter marijuana strains, even if its Indica heritage is taken into account, with 20 inches of height when grown indoors. This small plant produces leaves that look like typical Sativa leaves – they are long, straight and thin, and even though there’s not too many of them, they still make Californian Skunk look leafy because it’s such a small plant. And with a bud production that’s more than excellent for its size, the light-green, frosty buds with orange hairs can be seen all over it.

Reviews & User Highlights

Using Californian Skunk is like eating your favorite candy, especially if the candy is a lemon flavored one, but Californian Skunk has a skunky taste as well beside the sweet and citrusy. The high you get from Californian Skunk is a typical high you get from a Sativa marijuana strain – it’s cerebral, uplifting, and very likely to put you in a good mood. It’s not a particularly hard-hitting high though, but that’s the exact reason why Californian Skunk is a cannabis strain for every situation, as it won’t overpower you but will instead provide a nice backdrop for any activity you want to take up.

Grow Guide and Tips

Growing Californian Skunk is very easy to grow because of the strain’s inborn resistance to pests and mold, which makes it a great candidate for both indoor and outdoor growing. And while it’s not a particularly demanding strain, in order to tap its full potential, some precautions should be observed to avoid nute burn – there’s no need for those super-ultra-mega growth formulas, a regular, steady diet of basic nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium will do just fine.

How to buy Californian Skunk Seeds online

You can buy Californian Skunk Seeds online from a variety of online stores that have it in their offer, but make sure you look around a bitto buy the cheapest Californian Skunk seeds online. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

California Skunk Seeds

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  • Grow Location: Indoors / Outdoors
  • Flowers in: 9 to 10 weeks / End of October
  • Height: Short / Medium
  • Yields: 500 gr per m2
  • Genetics: Californian orange x Skunky Indica