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Being a child of famous parents must be tough sometimes, but as long as Crystal Rain is concerned, its famous parents served it more than just well – White Widow and Northern Lights gave the very best of their genetic traits to produce the marvel that is Crystal Rain. Every single thing about this cannabis strain is awesome – the strength, the high, the yield, the flowering period, and the growing difficulty all seem like they’ve been tailor made to produce a superior marijuana strain.

Description & Information

Crystal Rain is more Indica than Sativa when it comes to genetics – the ratio is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, but that doesn’t prevent it from showing some traits that are very typical for Sativas, like long and narrow leaves. The main stem is formidable but the side branches aren’t, so this beauty will need some support when flowering time comes. Crystal Rain has a very high bud to leaf ratio, and it does a lot to justify its name because it will look like it’s been outside while it was raining crystals. The buds are sticky in promise of a great high – which this strain delivers – and they develop those coveted red hairs, making Crystal Rain a beauty worth a second, and a third, glance.

Review & User Highlights

While growing, Crystal Rain will have a pungent, not the most pleasant smell, but the smell shouldn’t be held against it because the taste will be sweet and the smoke will not be too harsh. The effects this cannabis strain produces are very interesting because they are a mix of Indica and Sativa specific effects. There are the great energetic, social Sativa effects, plus the overall body relaxed feeling in the best tradition of Indicas, and all of it is felt pretty quickly after the first toke. Crystal Rain hits you strong, it hits you fast, and it hits you good.

Grow Guide and Tips

For the most part, Crystal Rain is a breeze to grow, as it doesn’t have any major weaknesses that should make growers worried. It won’t shoot up unexpectedly like hybrids sometimes do, and there should be little need for some of the trickier height-control measures. This cannabis strain grows better indoors, and while it does equally well on hydro and soil, personal growers should grow it on hydro if they want the aroma of this strain to fully develop, while commercial growers might think about hydro because there will be a difference in the bud structure that will make it easier to gather the buds on a large scale. The only problem this awesome strain might have is too heavy buds on side branches, but that’s fairly easily taken care of by providing some additional support for them.

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Buying Crystal Rain seeds shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with an internet connection, because even though it’s not overabundant, there are still enough shops where you can buy Crystal Rain seeds online. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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  • Grow Location: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Flowers in: 8 – 9 weeks / September – October
  • Height: Short – Moderate
  • Yields: Up to 400 gr per m2 / plant