Feminized Seeds

When it comes to cannabis growing, male plants always get a very harsh treatment, and for a good reason too – they are almost completely useless. Their usual role in the life cycle of the specie, the part where they produce pollen that is used to fertilize the female plant, has become somewhat redundant, at least in personal growing, because of the practice of growing clones. Plus, there’s the fact that, when smoked, male flowers don’t really produce the desired effects. And if that wasn’t enough, a single male plant can completely ruin a crop if it’s not detected and removed, and it manages to fertilize the female plants because once they start producing seeds, female plants loose much of their THC. Yes, male cannabis plants are very undesirable, and that’s why seed producers invested their time in developing special seeds which will produce only female plants. Getting a seed that has a much higher chance of producing a female cannabis plant is not an easy task, in fact, the processes that are used by commercial growers today are pretty complicated. The goal is to produce seeds that will not have any male chromosomes. In other words, the goal is to get a guaranteed female plant from every seed, although this is rarely achieved because there’s always a slight chance that a feminized seed will produce a male plant. Still, feminized seeds are a good investment because the chance to get male plants is really small, and female cannabis plants have a higher THC count, and are more potent, than male plants.
  • Feminized seeds have a greater chance to produce female plants.
  • No feminized seed is 100% guaranteed to produce a female plant, but the chances are still very high.
Because of the effort that goes into making them, as well as the higher yields they produce because it’s very unlikely you’ll have to get rid of any plants you plant because they’re male, feminized seeds are always more expensive than regular seeds. It is money well spent, however, as it will end up providing a more cost effective grow. Almost every seed you plant will produce a female and thus useful plant, so you won’t waste resources unknowingly growing a male plant. Feminized seeds provide a lot of peace of mind, though it would still be useful to learn how to differentiate between the male and the female cannabis plant. You never know when a feminized seed might produce a male plant, and no matter how unlikely it is to happen, when it does, you’ll want to be able to react swiftly.