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Hawaii has produced, or played a part in producing, a number of memorable cannabis strains, and Hawaii Skunk, the cross between Maui Waui and Skunk #1, is definitely among the top strains with Hawaiian origins. Hawaii Skunk is a marijuana strain that was destined to impress – its parents made sure of it, as did the people who carefully crossed them until they got a plant with a short flowering time, more than decent yields, and a very good THC count. All of it translates into a great strain for growers and consumers alike, because it’s easy enough to grow, and potent enough to satisfy even the most demanding cannabis users.

Strain Description & Information

Hawaii Skunk is a Sativa dominant strain, but since there’s still some Indica in there, it shows some traits typical to Indicas, like short flowering time and an above average yield. However, the Indica in Hawaii Skunk is most noticeable when the plant is still young, and it starts developing thick, almost leathery, wide leaves, which will eventually thin out and stretch to become more Sativa-typical. Hawaii Skunk produces plenty of buds with a lot of frosting and white hairs which will over time turn to orange and red.

Reviews & User Highlights

Hawaiian strains are known for their exotic taste, and in this regard, Hawaii Skunk is a true Hawaiian strain. It has a sweet scent, but the taste, with its tropical, sweet and fruity notes, is something that will make anyone smack their lips in delight. The smoke is very smooth, and the high is very Sativa dominant – most of it is in the head, it’s euphoric and happy, but it can be a little bit trippy if it’s used in excess. There is also an Indica side to Hawaii Skunk’s high, so you can expect to get that body stoned feeling, although it will not dominate over the euphoric Sativa high.

Grow Guide and Tips

Hawaii Skunk is not a particularly difficult strain to grow, especially if you keep in mind that it is a Sativa strain, which are likely to shoot up and grow a lot in very little time. If you’re growing it outdoors, which is what this strain prefers, the sudden growth won’t be that troubling, but if you decide to grow it indoors, you should be aware that sooner or later you will have to deal with a rapidly growing strain. Apart from that, this pretty Hawaiian strain only requires the standard care, so even novices can manage to grow it with plenty of success.

How to buy Hawaii Skunk Seeds online

Hawaii Skunk is maybe a strain with Hawaiian genetics, but it’s not available only in Hawaii – in fact, it’s very easy to find an online seed or grow shop where you can buy Hawaii Skunk seeds online. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

Hawaii Skunk Seeds Online

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  • Growing Location: Outdoors / Indoors
  • Flowers in: September – October / 8 – 9 weeks
  • Height: Tall / Medium
  • Yields: 450 gr per plant / 450 gr per m2
  • Genetics: Maui Waui x Skunk #1

Effects described by users

  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Energetic
  • Creative