Indica / Sativa

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid Indica Indica cannabis strains come from the Middle East, and are short, hardy plants which are especially adapted to producing in colder climates. They have wide and rounded leaves, plenty of branches with little space between them which can give them a bushy or a Christmas-tree like look. They are generally easier to grow, they have a shorter flowering time and produce heavier, tightly packed buds. The feeling they induce is called a body stoned, relaxing feeling, which is great for dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, nausea and depression. They have a higher CBD to THC ratio than Sativas.
  • Short, hardy, bushy with wide leaves.
  • Tightly packed, heavy buds.
  • Short flowering period and good resistance.
  • Body stoned feeling with a variety of medical applications.
Sativa Sativa cannabis strains come from areas around the equator – Mexico, Thailand, Columbia and SE Asia, and are thus better suited to living in warmer climates. They grow very tall, and produce branches with plenty of space between them, and with narrow, straight leaves. They can be hard to grow, especially indoors, because their height can sometimes be hard to control and it takes more time for them to produce the lighter, airier buds. Sativas are responsible for the head, cerebral, high feeling, with an abundance of happiness, euphoria, creativity and energy.
  • Tall, slender, with narrow leaves.
  • Airy, light buds.
  • Long flowering period, and somewhat problematic to grow.
  • Cerebral high feeling.
Hybrid Hybrid strains are made by crossing two or more different strains of different genetic makeup. Hybrid plants usually portray some properties of both types, Indica and Sativa, so it’s possible to have a tall plant with wide leaves and airy buds, or a short plant with airy buds and narrow leaves. The properties of the high a hybrid plant produces can also be Sativa-typical, or Indica-typical, or even both.
  • Hybrid strains can show physical and effectual traits of either Sativa or Indica, or both.