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You know how Kryptonite is the only Superman’s weakness, right? Well, Kryptonite marijuana strain is sort of like that, although it’s not harmful in any way, but it is a very strong, potent cannabis strain with powerful narcotic properties that will be the bane of many inexperienced weed user. Kryptonite is a strain that requires users who know how to handle it, in experienced hands it will do wonders, and as far as growing it goes, those hands don’t even need to be experienced because this THC powerhouse strain is not at all demanding.

Description & Information

Kryptonite is an Indica-dominant hybrid, as is clear from the first sight – it grows short and bushy with a strong main stem, with wide and rounded leaves. The buds on this powerful plant are of a lighter green color when compared to the leaves, and the amount of frost that’s covering them is mind-blowing. There are also some purple and orange hairs in there, to make the buds look more interesting and to serve as a warning that this isn’t a cannabis strain that should be taken lightly because if you do, it will kick your ass.

Review & User Highlights

Let’s just say this from the start – up to 27% THC, usually around 25%. So yes, Kryptonite does have a strong pungent smell that has to be handled during growing, but the taste is sweet and earthy with pine undertones, and with that much THC packed into the buds, smell and taste aren’t really that important. Plus, Kryptonite has a good amount of CBD in it, which combines with the high THC count to produce a highly valued marijuana strain for medical use. The high it produces comes on fast and it’s there to stay, so a lazy but uplifting feeling will be there with you for a while after using this strain.

Grow Guide and Tips

The only warning that should be given to anyone looking into growing Kryptonite for personal use is the question – are you sure you can handle that high? Because growing it will be very easy, as this cannabis strain is not one of those moody sorts that all of a sudden decide they want to grow fifteen inches in a week or two, or one of those that catch every parasite or fungus that can be found in a two-block area around it. The only thing that makes growing this strain somewhat tricky is that it can emit a strong smell, but that’s nothing a few charcoal filters can’t handle.

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Kryptonite is a well-known cannabis strain, so finding Kryptonite seeds to buy online shouldn’t be an issue, and you can benefit from shopping around in order to find the best deal for Kryptonite seeds online. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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Strain Pics

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  • Grow Location: Indoors / Outdoors
  • Flowers in: 8 – 10 weeks / September – October
  • Height: Short – Medium
  • Yields: 300 – 600gr per m2