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Also known as Jack Herer, Light of Jah has quickly earned a name for itself. Winning several Cannabis Cups, it is known for it’s strong cerebral high and pain relieving attributes. It is one of the best cannabis plants available and considered a medical grade plant. Years of breeding and selection has lead to this sativa and indica hybrid. It is rumoured that three of the best plants were used to create Light of Jah, however the combination is unknown. It is named after Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes and cannabis activist. His book contains some of the best information available concerning hemp as being one of the most valuable resources on the planet. Stressing it’s potential in various fields from medical, political, and economic standpoints. Well, meet Light of Jah, a different take on the original Jack Herer genetics, which brings out the Sativa in the original mix and delivers an amazing, very long-lasting high at the price of a slightly longer flowering period. Light of Jah is a cannabis strain for true connoisseurs, so anyone looking into growing it, or using it, should make sure they practice of lighter strains because in the world of cannabis, Light of Jah is a heavyweight.

Strain Description & Information

Light of Jah shows both Sativa and Indica traits even though it’s a Sativa dominant hybrid, so you can expect to see beautiful Indica-type leaves, and plenty of them. This strain can grow to be a hundred inches tall, but no matter how tall it grows, you’ll see the gorgeous buds along the stem, which become bigger and heavier towards the top. And the buds, they’re a sight of sore eyes – purple and pink, fuzzy with hair, and with frosting covering them completely. The height and width of this cannabis plant depends on whether it is being grown indoors or outdoors. Light of Jah seeds create medium sized and clustered groupings marijuana buds. They are completely blanketed with a thick layer of white THC powder or tiny THC droplets, covering the leaves, stems, and stalks. Bud structures are dense and round in shape, an ideal setting for maximum experience. This is an excellent plant for those seeking a great high, as THC levels are usually between 19% to 22%, so marijuana enthusiasts should definitely try out this cannabis plant.

Reviews & User Highlights

Get ready for one the best smoking experience you will ever have. Light of Jah has been quoted as being one of the longest lasting highs, usually double what a typical marijuana smoker will experience. It is a great option for pain relief, from back pain to migraines. Being complex cannabis strain with complex lineage and complex aroma and taste which are usually described as peppery and fruity, with just enough of spicy in there to make it more interesting. It is usually best described as a strong head high, making most people feel giggly and happy. The high is mind-blowing as Sativa highs can be – it’s all in the head, very uplifting, very creative and long-lasting, the perfect high if you want to be active in a field that requires creativity. There are little to no after effects of drowsiness or feeling worn out. Smokers will feel energetic and euphoric, making this a great option for relaxing or having a good time with friends.

Grow Guide and Tips

Light of Jah grows very well if you take good care of it throughout the different stages, therefore it is not recommended for new growers. Seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors, therefore it is a very versatile plant. Growers should aim to harvest in September or October, and is reportedly best to grow in Northern Europe, United Kingdom, or Canada. These cold temperatures, make it an ideal setting for indoor growing using artificial lighting. It might be hard to determine the right compositions of nutes for this strain, and if you want the Light to shine as bright as it can, a grower needs to know how to look for signs of nute burn or nute deficiency. Apart from that, growers need to be prepared for the fact that Light of Jah can be very top-heavy, and that it might shoot up unexpectedly. If you decide to grow it outdoors, choose a large area in order to leave enough room between the plants to care for them. The benefits of growing them indoors or outdoors are mixed, therefore doing some research prior to making your decision might be beneficial. All in all, novices could find better marijuana strains to learn their trade on, and those who have the know-how would be hard pressed to find a better plant to invest their time in.

How to buy Light of Jah Seeds online

Taking the step towards buying seeds online is very simple. Do a little bit a research and you will quickly find the best option available. It’s easy, quick, and delivered right to your door. There’s no fuss and you can get right down to business: placing that seed in the dirt and waiting for magic to happen. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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  • Grow Location: Indoor or Outdoor
  • Flowers in: 50-70 days
  • Height: 5-7 feet
  • Yields: 750 gr per m2 / 1200 gr per plant

Effects described by users

  • Creative
  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Lazy