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If there was ever a cannabis train that would make you want to eat it instead of using it in any other way, Mangolicious would be it. Yes, it tastes of mango and yes, it is delicious, but that’s not all this great strain has going for it – it’s also a strain that will deliver in every imaginable way. This cannabis strain is a monster producer, it induces a very happy and relaxing high, and the best part is that it’s fairly easy to grow, making it an ideal plant for novices and people who want to grow an Indica with a twist for commercial purposes.

Strain Description & Information

Mangolicious is a strong-looking plant, taller than your average Indica and with an interesting reddish hue in its leaves. The side branches look strong and they have to be because Mangolicious is known to produce enormous buds. The buds themselves are fairly frosty, but not too frosty because Mangolicious is not an extremely strong cannabis strain, and they also have some white and yellow hairs on them.

Reviews & User Highlights

If it weren’t a very pleasant cannabis strain to use, Mangolicious could still be used only for the taste – it’s sweet, fruity, with a dominant note of mango. It smells just like it tastes, sweet and fruity with a hint of bubblegum. As for the effects, Mangolicious is not your ordinary Indica – yes, it will produce a body buzz, very relaxing and lazy to the point of couch-locking, but it will still be happy and uplifting. Mangolicious is used by medical patients to relieve pain, especially back pain, and to help cope with stress and anxiety. Also, you can expect to get the munchies when using this marijuana strain, as it will really wake up your appetite.

Grow Guide and Tips

Growing Mangolicious is not a hard thing to do, however, there are some things a grower should be aware of. When the flowering starts this cannabis strain will literally explode with buds, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. It might show tendencies to grow too tall for an indoor grow-box, so it’s best to start precautions as early as possible. Taking the plant into vegetation a little bit earlier is one of the ways to control its height, and if that fails, growers can top them successfully. Other than that, this cannabis strain doesn’t have any special weaknesses that would make her a pain to grow.

How to buy Mangolicious Seeds online

A quick internet search will yield a few places where you can buy Mangolicious seeds online, but you should be aware that plants with the same genetics might be available under different names, so doing some research before buying Mangolicious seeds online would be a good idea. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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  • Grow Location: Indoors / Outdoors
  • Flowers in: 7 – 9 weeks / September
  • Height: Medium / Tall
  • Yields: 500 gr per m2 / 650 gr per plant