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There’s really only one way a cannabis strain can get a name like Medijuana – it must have the properties that make it a very potent strain for medical applications. Medijuana, of course, has those properties – a ridiculously high THC count, the Indica narcotic effects, and the ability to make any kind of pain go away. The only thing that could possibly make Medijuana a better strain would be a reasonable ease of growing, and this marijuana strain has that as well. This is a great all around strain for novices and those who don’t want to hover over their plants too much, but still want to get a generous yield of high-quality bud.

Description & Information

Medijuana is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, so you know what you should expect when you look at a plant – it’s not very tall, it looks a little bit bushy with green, wide leaves and produces side branches that look like they could carry some bud of their own, which they eventually will. The buds are tightly packed, golf ball sized bundles of joy because of their stickiness and frosting which screams this is a plant that means serious business.

Review & User Highlights

Medijuana has a strong, sweet smell, and the taste doesn’t wander far off from the smell, but that’s not nearly the best thing about Medijuana. This strain is especially suited for people using marijuana to deal with a number of different ailments, from pain and migraines, to sleeping problems and nausea. The fact that it has a THC count in the neighborhood of 25% is probably what does the trick, but it’s also what makes this strain better for experienced users than for people who are new to the world of cannabis and are looking for the strongest stoned feeling out there. Because, this strain will get you stoned, and couch-lock you like a ton of bricks if you’re not careful with it.

Grow Guide and Tips

Medijuana is not a demanding strain when it comes to growing it. Going easy with the nutes would be a good idea, and looking at the plant will give you all the feedback you’ll need to know if you’re doing things right. This cannabis strain benefits from a sea of green configuration when growing, but if that’s something that’s too much for your level of experience it will be perfectly fine growing on its own. It grows fast, but it doesn’t burst out of nowhere and it won’t catch you off your guard.

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  • Grow Location: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Flowers in: 8 – 9 weeks / September – October
  • Height: Short-Medium / Tall
  • Yields: 550gr per m2 / 600 gr per plant