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Although its name would suggest otherwise, the genetic traits that make Mega JackPot an awesome cannabis strain have nothing to do with chance, or luck – it’s a very deliberate attempt to make a super-strain by combining Jack Herer, Northern Lights and a Haze, an attempt, that was at least to, successful. This Sativa-leaning hybrid marijuana strain has it all –great yields, extreme potency, a very strong high, in fact, it could be the perfect strain if only it was a little bit easier to grow because, even though it’s not the most demanding strain, it’s not the easiest to grow either. But the bottom line is that Mega JackPot is one of the top cannabis strains on the market today, and a strain that any true cannabis lover has to give a try.

Strain Description & Information

Mega JackPot is a strong cannabis strain in more ways than one, which is clearly seen from the way it looks, with a strong stem and strong branches which hold the dark green leaves. Mega JackPot is the perfect picture of a virile marijuana strain, and to be that, it needs a strong root to help ensure the plant gets all the nutrients it needs. The buds Mega JackPot produces are fairly large and purple, with yellowish and orange hairs and a healthy amount of trichomes.

Reviews & User Highlights

The taste and aroma of Mega JackPot are best described as a smooth mix of grape and vanilla. Because of its relaxing and calming effects, Mega JackPot is highly regarded as a medicinal strain, as is often used to deal with migraines, chronic pain, and anxiety, especially the type that comes before going to sleep. That makes Mega JackPot a very interesting strain, because it can be used as a nighttime toke before going to bed as well as a daytime strain to make everything run smoother.

Grow Guide and Tips

There are no general complaints to the growing process of Mega JackPot, but it is often cited to be a medium difficult cannabis strain in terms of growing. So, if you want to hit the Mega JackPot – and who wouldn’t – make sure you cover all the basics, with one eye on the quantity and quality of nutrients, and the other on pests and molds, all the while expecting the Sativa genes to kick in and the plant to start growing rapidly. It will not necessarily happen, but if it does, you should be prepared.

How to buy Mega JackPot seeds online

Buying Mega JackPot seeds is way easier than winning a jackpot – everything you need to do to find Mega Jackpot seeds to buy online is look around on the internet, and you won’t have to look far. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

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  • Grow Location: Indoors / Outdoors
  • Flowers in: 9 – 11 weeks / October
  • Height: Short – Medium / Medium – Tall
  • Yields: 600 gr per m2 / 750 gr per plant
  • Genetics: Jack Herer x Northern Lights x Haze