Other spots on the Second Team were filled by Bark

Think she did a really good job because by the end of the season, we were starting to look like a pretty good basketball team. Other spots on the Second Team were filled by Bark River Harris Hailee Demers and Cassidi Stannard, Menominee Emma Anderson, Sault Ste. Marie Ashtyn Bell, Ironwood McKenzie Boyd, Escanaba Lexi Chaillier and Kingsford Brooke Kriegl..

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For the third consecutive year, Doherty was instrumental in participating and taking the lead in the Worcester Railers’ award winning community programs, which included the team’s flagship learn to skate program, Skate to Success. He was consistently volunteering his time and encouraging his teammates to lead by example in the Worcester community earning the nickname, CommunityConnor. Doherty participated in over 25 events including the Skate to Success learn to skate program, non profit event appearances, Railers Booster Club events, a hospital visit and much more..

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