Regular Seeds

Cannabis plants naturally come in two sexes – male and female, with a slight possibility of them producing a hermaphrodite plant, with both sexes present on a single plant. Regular cannabis seeds have a roughly equal chance of producing a cannabis plant of either sex, which is where the problem lies. Why? Because male plants, and the flowers they produce, have a much lower THC count than female plants, and if they manage to fertilize the female plants, they will induce the production of seeds, and a female plant that’s seeding is a female plant with a much lower THC count. Growing cannabis plants from a group of regular seeds can be problematic for the grower who’s only in it for the buds, and not for the seeds. Fertilization, which will inevitably occur when male and female plants are grown in the same place, will reduce the quality of the buds, as it was mentioned before, and in order to prevent it, a grower needs to keep a very close look on the plants as soon as they enter the flowering stage. Although it would be useful to find out which plants are male and which are female early on in the growing process so to avoid wasting resources on male plants when they’re not needed, the fact is that males and females are easiest to distinguish when the flowering starts. That leaves the grower with very little time to remove the male plant from the grow area.
  • Roughly equal chances of producing female and male plants.
  • Male plants have much lower THC and can fertilize female plants.
  • Female plants have a higher THC and are more desirable, unless they get fertilized and start producing seeds.
Regular seeds are the least expensive kind of cannabis seeds for a couple of reasons, but mostly because the plants they will produce might not end up being females, which are the ones personal growers are usually aiming for. They are also not suited for a novice grower who want to produce high quality weed from the very first grow, because the presence of male plants in the grow presents an obstacle that might go unnoticed until it’s too late. However, experienced growers who find a good cannabis strain might want to try regular seeds if they want to grow a male plant that will allow them to get the seeds from the strain, although this practice was somewhat replaced by the practice of taking clones from suitable plants.