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Can you guess how a cannabis strain gets a name like Skunk Red Hair? Here’s a hint – it’s not because it’s the favorite strain among people who have red hair. This strain, very notable for its unique red looks, is one of the old-school strains, developed in the early 1980’s, back when people weren’t looking for the most outrageous THC content in a marijuana strain. Skunk Red Hair is a top quality strain from the days when quality was what the game was all about, and because of that, it’s a strain that’s still popular among the true connoisseurs, and the ease of growing it is why it’s popular among the newcomers.

Strain Description & Information

The only thing anyone is able to notice on a well-formed, mature Skunk Red Hair is the beautiful red color of the hairs that are covering the buds. It’s also noticeable that the tight buds aren’t as frosty as the buds of the newer, THC-richer strains, but that doesn’t really speak the truth about the quality of the high this marvelous cannabis strain induces. As for its general appearance, it’s a short, Indica type plant which will under the right circumstances produce several beautiful, red colas.

Reviews & User Highlights

Skunk Red Hair is a true Skunk strain – it has the skunk smell and a very sweet taste. The high it produces covers the mind and the body, but it’s a very mellow, medium-strength high at best. In fact, if the buds aren’t properly cured over a longer period of time, it’s very possible the high won’t be felt at all. Still, for those people who don’t want to get knocked out on weed, Skunk Red Hair is a perfect thing to dull the edge off of things for a short while, not take it off.

Grow Guide and Tips

Skunk Red Hair is not a very demanding strain, so much so that even novices can make it produce a very good quantity of buds. This strain has no special weaknesses, so only the regular care should be taken to make sure it’s pest, mold, and disease free – no extraordinary measures should be taken. Because it doesn’t grow tall, it’s a perfect plant to grow indoors, but it’s always idea to be prepared for the moment the Sativa in the strain activates and it starts growing vigorously with little notice. Not that it’s likely to happen, but better to be prepared than sorry.

How to buy Skunk Red Hair Seeds online

Even though it’s an old-school strain, it’s easy to buy Skunk Red Hair seeds online, as many seed shops and bank that operate over the internet have it readily available. [includeme file=”seeds.txt”]

Skunk Red Hair Seeds Online

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  • Growing Location: Outdoors / Indoors
  • Flowers in: September – October / 8 – 9 weeks
  • Height: Tall / Medium
  • Yields: 450 gr per plant / 450 gr per m2