The incident is under investigation

cheap nfl jerseys All future phases will be based on assessing these and other factors constantly to ensure it is safe to move forward.Surgical services: phased expansion of surgeries from emergency and three week urgent cases to those booked as six week urgent cases, resulting in a 10 to 25 per cent increase in surgical services.Ex. Cataracts, hysterectomy, cochlear, thoracicMRI: increase from 50 per cent of normal capacity to 75 per cent of normal capacityCT: increase from 55 per cent of normal capacity to 75 per cent of normal capacityPrimary Care Clinics: expand availability, continue to use virtual care where possible, and prioritize in person visits for those living with chronic diseasesPublic Health Inspections: increase inspections of long term care homes, personal care homes and group homes.Mental health and addictions: re open mental health short stay units, allow the option of in person appointments as needed, allow more therapeutic/day programming for groups under 10 people and resume regular hours for harm reduction programs.Also includes gradual re introduction of services in other key areas like home care, kidney health, rehabilitation and therapy programs.Interdisciplinary teams, including physicians, will continue assessing all waiting patients to ensure surgeries and diagnostics are performed in a timely manner.Established online programs and virtual care will continue to be used in the delivery of service across the province, wherever possible. There will be renewed opportunity for in person appointments when necessary.

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