Top 10 Most Smoked Marijuana Strains

Imagine all the choices you have when it comes to different cannabis strains. There’s Indica, there’s Sativa, there’s everything in between. There are strains that smell and taste sweet, there are strains that might make you puke because they smell that bad. There are strains that will make you feel sleepy, and there are strains that will boost your energy levels. Choices – it’s great to have them, up to the point when you start hating the fact there’s too many of them. While it certainly pays off to have an adventurous spirit when roaming the world of marijuana, some guidance might be helpful from time to time. A sign or two that says “hey, this is something people love”, or “hey, you should steer clear from this”. Because, no matter how cool it is to choose between hundreds of different marijuana strains, it’s certainly not cool to have a bad or undesired trip. And there’s hardly a better roadmap through the landscapes of cannabis usage than a list of most smoked marijuana strains, especially when the data for the list is derived from – the closest thing marijuana scene in the US has to a Bureau of Statistics.  
  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a true Californian strain. A Sativa-dominant mix of Blueberry and Haze, it tastes sweet and it makes you feel all bright and sunny. Yes, Blue Dream is a classic strain, one of many on this list, and it’s widely available for anyone who wants to give it a go.  
  1. Sour Diesel

So there’s a cannabis plant that smells like diesel, but should the smell be held against it? Cannabis users are unanimous in a negative response, and Sour Diesel is beloved for its fast hitting euphoric high and its ability to make all the stress of the world simply fade away.  
  1. Girl Scout Cookies

If you expected to find only classic and well established strains in this list, Girl Scout Cookies is here to prove you wrong. Another Californian Sativa-dominant strain with a very nice euphoric high, GSC has managed to win several awards – and a place in many hearts – for the short time it’s been around.
  1. Green Crack

If you thought Girl Scout Cookies has an unusual name, what would you say about Green Crack? It’s a strain that’s very worth looking into, because of its unparalleled ability to help you focus and replenish your energy. It also tastes faintly of mango, which is a welcome added benefit.
  1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer, one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world, simply had to be on the list. It has a strong reputation for a good reason – its Sativa high, happy and uplifting, has been bringing joy to the lives of cannabis users all over the globe for years, and luckily, it’s still doing it.
  1. SFV OG

One of the best pain relievers on the list, SFV OG is very popular among medical cannabis users not only because it can relieve pain very effectively, but because it does it without inducing couch lock. Quite the contrary, actually, it will make you want to dance in euphoria and deal with the back pain to help make it happen.
  1. Headband

If you’re wondering what a mix of lemon and diesel would taste like – and who isn’t really – Headband would be the strain to try. Yet another Sativa-dominant strain on the list, with a Sativa-dominant type of high, Headband is a great choice for dealing with chronic pain, stress and anxiety.
  1. Fire OG

This one’s for the insomniacs out there. Fire OG, a proud progeny of OG Kush, is a very strong cannabis strain that is equally likely to give you some great creative ideas as it is to help you put those great ideas away and go to sleep.
  1. White Widow

Any list of the most popular and widely used cannabis strains has to contain White Widow, period. But is it that good, you might ask before being given a strange look and a short positive response from the connoisseurs. It’s that good, and that’s the reason why it’s arguably the best known cannabis strain in the world.
  1. Super Lemon Haze

Another classic strain on the list, Super Lemon Haze is a shortcut to the world of energy, euphoria, creativity and happiness, to the delight of many users. It’s also renowned for its sweet and lemony taste, hence the lemon in its name, although it would be worth the trouble even if it would taste like pure awfulness itself. It doesn’t surprise, really, to see that the list is dominated by well-established strains. They’ve been through the trial of time, and they came out the other way with a cohort of fans. The thing that seems interesting, however, is that while hybrids are clearly where the game is at, there are no Indica-dominant strains on the list. So, take note and choose one of the strains on the list as the starting point for exploring the vast realm of cannabis use, but keep in mind that if you do so you might not want to stray far from the first one you choose.

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