What kind of movement does your hip joint allow?

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“We’ve got to put points on the board, and as Vic said, it’s been very frustrating for all of us the last three, four years because we have not been explosive on the offensive side,” Elway said. “And even really five years. When we won Super Bowl 50, we weren’t very explosive on the offensive side.

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The crown prince denied any advance knowledge of the plot, even though the CIA concluded with “medium to high confidence” that Mohammed had ordered Khashoggi’s killing.Saudi prosecutors said in December that five unidentified people had been sentenced to death in connection with the murder after a trial in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. Three other people were sentenced to jail terms totaling 24 years.The verdicts were criticized by human rights groups because of the trial’s secrecy. Two senior officials who were implicated in the killing, including Saud al Qahtani, the crown prince’s media adviser, were cleared of wrongdoing, prosecutors said.Even as the trial was held, the Saudi royal court was preparing for a private settlement with Khashoggi’s four children and hoping to ensure they refrained from criticizing the kingdom’s leadership, according to current and former Saudi officials.To that end, the children were given multimillion dollar homes and monthly five figure payments as part of a compensation package that was approved by King Salman soon after Khashoggi’s killing, officials said.After the payments were reported by The Post last year, Salah Khashoggi, a banker, characterized them as “acts of generosity” by Saudi Arabia’s leader and said they were “not admission of guilt or scandal.” He said that “no settlement discussion has been or is discussed.”.

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