In the world of cannabis, it’s completely normal to cross two strains in an effort to get the best of both in a single plant. In fact, most of the strains used today are products of such crosses. However, some cannabis seeds manufacturers like to add a little twist to some of the better known strains, to make them more potent, better yielding, or reduce their flowering time, while keeping the looks, the high, and all other characteristics of a strain. That way you can get a plant that looks like a familiar classic, tastes and makes you feel like one, but produces, for example, more buds per plant. XTRM is a designation used by some cannabis seed producers to mark strains whose genetics have been improved on in order for them to achieve larger yields, without sacrificing the traits that make the strain recognizable. This is done by carefully crossing a recognized strain with another, higher yielding strain.
  • XTRM strains are better yielding versions of regular strains.
In the ideal case, an XTRM strain will produce the exact same effects as the regular strain it was based on. However, this might not always be the case. It takes a lot of effort to do things right when crossing two strains, and trying to tailor-make a strain to contain only one trait from one of the parents, and all the remaining traits from the other is not an easy task. So, anyone looking into an XTRM version of a regular strain should be aware that some deviations from the known traits of the original are possible. Still, this doesn’t reduce the fact that an XTRM strain which provides better yields can be very useful to people who are looking for strains to produce on a commercial level. Although quantity is not everything in commercial growing, and having a quality product is, of course, of the utmost importance, having a high quality product which yields more that the regular is something every commercial grower would find worthy looking into.